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AKASAKA Keicho (Black tin)

AKASAKA KAKIYAMA specializes in Okaki, the traditional Japanese rice cracker delicately flavored with soy sauce or salt.
AKASAKA KAKIYAMA uses Shin Taisho Brand Mochigome, the pride of Toyama and the best sticky rice in Japan. Each delicious Okaki cracker is handmade to perfection with only the finest ingredients by the experienced and dedicated professionals at the AKASAKA KAKIYAMA bakery and sold at famous department stores and well-known locations throughout Tokyo.

Okaki rice crackers stay fresh for a long time, making them the perfect souvenir.
Okaki crackers come in small packages for individual enjoyment, and attractive gift boxes and tins.

gift set

AKASAKA Keichou (Black tin)

AKASAKA Keichou (Black tin)


Keichou featuring the simple but elegant beauty of the grains of rice, this delicately thin rice cracker is AKASAKA KAKIYAMA's most popular and longest selling product – a mixed set of soy sauce and seaweed flavored crackers with a very Japanese taste.

  • Cut seaweed flavor
  • Soy sauce flavor
AKASAKA Keiou (Pale Pink tin)

AKASAKA Keio (Ivory tin)


Keio is a new, western style Okaki rice cracker wrapped around a delicious almond. Keio appeals to the young and first-time Okaki eaters.

  • [Left] Soysauce flavor
    [Right] Salad flavor



This is an assortment of Keichou, Keio, and fine flavored Kakimochi, an unglazed rice cake. The elegant tin with its beautiful gold and silver design on a black background is a popular gift for formal occasions in Japan.




This is just right for a little souvenir in a casual carrier bag.
An assortment of 7 packets of Arare, cubic rice crackers, and Okaki.

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Akasaka Head Store

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TEL: 03-3585-9927 / FAX: 03-3585-9462
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Open: Monday-Friday 9:00-20:00, Saturday 9:30-18:00
Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

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